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For PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim/Android/iOS/PC Bluetooth-compatible Gamepad Wireless Control Console Controller LED Game Holiday Gift

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    Light: button flashing LED, pink, purple, green and blue

    Weight: about 360g


    Suitable for: BLAZING ANG ‘aircraft’, ‘TONY HAWK’ S skateboard ‘,’ GENJI Shenwei Zuo Luan ‘,’ RIDGE RACER racing and other games



    1. Standard keys: PS, Share, Option, ↑, ↓, ←, →, ⅹ, ○, □, △, L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, R3, VRL, VRR, RESET, Turbo;

    2. The handle has stable performance and high cost performance, and supports any software version of PS4 host;

    3. Bluetooth 4.2 is connected to the host and can pass BQB certification;

    4. The online distance of Bluetooth handle is more than 10M;

    5. It has the function of 3D acceleration sensor and gyroscope sensor, and the function of 6-axis sensor;

    6. Turbo function;

    7. With RGB LED color channel indication, it is convenient to distinguish different users and roles;

    8. Support USB lithium battery charging;

    9. Support EXT expansion interface charging;

    10. It supports 3.5mm TRRS stereo jack to connect headphones and microphones, and speakers output independently;

    11. Support two-point capacitive inductive touch panel;

    12. Support double motor vibration function, use pressure sensitive motor;

    13. Support PS4 rear key handle connecting plate;

    14. Select to use the standard PS4 function (the same as the original function, which can work on the PC through the driver, and Windows 10 and Android 5.0 or above are driverless)

    15. Wide working voltage range, ultra-low sleep current, working voltage and current: 3.7V-60mA, USB input voltage and current: 5.2V-1000mA

    16. This solution supports PC USB online upgrade product program, thus supporting the latest upgrade system of PS4 host. It can avoid the problem that the product cannot be used due to the host upgrade system.


    Product function:

    1.6 Axis sensor function

    2. Standard-PS4 working mode

    3. Sensor verification

    4. Color LED indication

    5. Turbo function


    Connection mode:

    1. PS4 host

    2. Apple device IOS13.0 or above system

    3. Android device connection

    4. Mac connection

    5. PC connection



    1. Game handle * 1

    2. USB cable * 1

    Color box * 1













































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